WipesPlus 醫用消毒濕紙巾(240片)

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WipesPlus 醫用消毒濕紙巾(240片)

本產品的獨特配方是通過將多種溶劑,螯合劑,螯合劑,非離子型去污劑和其他與三種不同的抗菌活性劑協同作用的成分組合而成的。 該配方可作為有效的去污清潔劑和消毒劑安全地直接施用於表面,旨在用於醫療/外科和動物護理設施。 注意:請勿用作嬰兒濕巾。


WipesPlus Hospital/Suriglca Wipes (240 counts)

The unique formulation of this product is produced through a combination of various solvents, sequestering agents, chelating agents, nonionic detergents and other ingredients acting in synergy with three distinct antimicrobial active agents. This formulation may be safely applied directly to surfaces as an effective decontaminant cleaner and disinfectant intended for use in medical/surgical and animal care facilities. Note: Do not use as a baby wipe.