Steve's Enhance DogNog 蔓越莓山羊奶乳酪 (1.6oz)

Steve's Enhance DogNog 蔓越莓山羊奶乳酪 (1.6oz)

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Steve's Enhance DogNog 蔓越莓山羊奶乳酪

DogNog是我們建議您全年食用的最美味的食品! 該配方採用原山羊奶,並通過將其與全脂凍乾雞蛋一起注入來增強其健康特性。 然後,我們添加薑黃和絲蘭以增加抗炎能力,使其非常適合行動不便,過敏或炎症性疾病(如IBD潰瘍性結腸炎)的寵物。 蔓越莓含有類黃酮,由類花青素和原花青素組成,有助維持尿道健康。 我們通過添加菠蘿蛋白酶(菠蘿蛋白衍生自菠蘿莖的蛋白質提取物)來完善增強效果,菠蘿蛋白酶充當粘合劑,有助於吸收薑黃和絲蘭,提供強大的抗炎功效。


山羊奶, 全蛋, 椰子粉, 蔓越莓, 姜黄, 絲蘭, 菠蘿蛋白酶。

Steve's DogNog for Dogs & Cats

DogNog is the most delicious enhancement that we recommend you feed all year round! The recipe takes raw goat milk and boosts its health properties by infusing it with whole, freeze dried EGGS. We then add TURMERIC and YUCCA to increase the anti-inflammatory powers, making it ideal for pets with mobility issues, allergies, or inflammatory diseases such as IBD. Cranberries contain flavonoids comprised of a complex profile of anthocyanins and pronthocyanidins. We perfect the enhancement by adding BROMELAIN, a protein extract derived from the stems of pineapple, which acts as a binder to help with the absorption of the turmeric & yucca, providing powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.


Raw Goat Milk, Whole Egg, Coconut Flour, Cranberry, Turmeric, Yucca, Bromelain

Nutritional Fast Facts

Calories: 3920 per kg (111 per oz)
Raw Milk from Holistically Raised Goat
Balanced Protein to Fat

Active Ingredients per fl. oz.

Turmeric .................. 550mg
Yucca Root ............... 85mg
Bromelain ................ 12mg