Steve's Enhance 螺旋藻山羊奶乳酪 CarnaForage (1.6oz)

Steve's Enhance 螺旋藻山羊奶乳酪 CarnaForage (1.6oz)

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Steve's Enhance 螺旋藻山羊奶乳酪 CarnaForage

CarnaForage是我們的超級綠色奶昔產品,非常適合消化不良的狗。它裝有各種各樣的綠色蔬菜,可提供高水平的L-谷氨酰胺-人體大量使用的有條件必需氨基酸。 L-谷氨酰胺的主要好處是可以改善消化系統的健康狀況,並可以緩解IBD,腹瀉和腸漏綜合徵的症狀。



Steve's CarnaForage for dogs & cats

CarnaForage is our verson of a super green smoothie that is perfect for dogs with digestive issues. It is packed with a wide variety of greens that provide high levels of L-glutamine--a conditionally essential amino acid that the body uses in large amounts. L-glutamine’s primary benefit is that it improves digestive health and can ease symptoms of IBD, diarrhea, and leaky gut syndrome. We compliment the tummy soothing raw goat milk with liver supportive DANDELION, known for its high levels of lecithin and vitamin A. We finish this digestive enhancement with MILK THISTLE, CILANTRO, and SPIRULINA to strengthen and protect the liver from toxins, making it perfect for those pets with a sensitive stomach, chronic indigestion, pancreatitis, or GI tract inflammation.


Raw Goat Milk, Coconut Flour, Spinach, Kale, Spirulina, Chia Seed, Parsley, Cilantro, Dandelion, Milk Thistle Seed

Nutritional Fast Facts

Calories: 3760 per kg (107 per oz)
Raw Milk From Holistically Raised Goat
Manganese: 38.2 ppm

Active Ingredients per fl. oz.

Spirulina .................. 1400mg
Dandelion Leaf ........ 500mg
Milk Thistle Seed .............. 225mg