PioneerPet® 高級不銹鋼噴泉飲水機 128oz

PioneerPet® 高級不銹鋼噴泉飲水機 128oz

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Big Max™高級不銹鋼飲水器128盎司

特點和優點 : 循環飲用水自然吸引寵物 可更換的木炭過濾器,清潔,純淨,健康的水 18/8不銹鋼–不銹鋼碗有助於保護寵物免受細菌感染 易於清潔且洗碗機安全 128盎司的容量減少了每日補充筆數 超大飲水區可容納任何大小的寵物 不斷過濾水

更換過濾器,用於陶瓷和不銹鋼噴泉 為了獲得最佳性能,每周清潔一次噴頭,每兩至四周更換一次過濾器,然後每月拆卸/清潔一次泵。


貓和狗的噴泉飲水機 所有噴泉飲水機都易於使用且洗碗機安全。木炭過濾器的位置要合理,以便在通過泵之前先對水進行過濾。這樣可以延長泵的使用壽命,並有助於確保電機安靜運行。噴泉有各種尺寸,適合單身或寵物家庭。請參閱我們的泵清潔說明以進行正確維護。

Big Max™ Premium Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet 128 oz


    • Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to pets
    • Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water
    • 18/8 stainless steel – stainless steel bowls help protect pets from bacterial infection
    • Easy clean and dishwasher safe
    • 128 oz capacity reduces the number of daily refills
    • Extra-large drinking area accommodates any size pet
    • Continuously filters water
    • Replacement filter: #3002 (3-pk) and #3014 (4-pk) Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains
 For optimal performance, clean the fountain once a week, change the filter every two to four weeks, and disassemble/clean the pump once a month.