Pet Naturals of Vermont breath bites

Pet Naturals of Vermont breath bites

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Breath Bites for Dogs is designed to freshen breath and reduce fecal odor in dogs, all in a delicious chew. 

Breath Bites旨在清新地呼吸並減少狗的糞便氣味,所有這些都可以通過美味的咀嚼來完成。  Breath Bites是一種美味的咀嚼物,有助於擺脫狗的呼吸,並有助於排出毒素以減少糞便的氣味。呼吸叮咬含有獨特的成分,例如香菇蘑菇提取物(Champex™品牌),其被廣泛研究其抑制腸道異味引起毒素的能力。肉桂可保持口腔中細菌的健康平衡,這在處理口臭中很重要,而螺旋藻具有有益的除臭效果。 使用說明:適用於所有犬類 每天每50磅給1咀嚼一次。

產品資料: 每1咀嚼(1.5克)的有效成分: 螺旋藻100毫克   產生葉綠素2毫克 歐芹70毫克 香菇蘑菇提取物(Champex®品牌)30毫克 絲蘭提取物10毫克 肉桂粉10毫克   非活性成分:啤酒酵母,硫酸鈣,低芥酸菜子油,雞肝精,檸檬酸 酸,甘油,麥芽糊精,混合生育酚,丙酸,迷迭香提取物,矽 二氧化碳,海藻酸鈉,大豆卵磷脂,植物油。

Breath Bites are delicious chews that help get rid of doggy breath and help flush out toxins to reduce fecal odor. Breath Bites include unique ingredients, such as Champignon Mushroom extract (Champex™ brand), which extensively studied for its ability to suppress odor causing toxins in the intestines. Cinnamon supports a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth, important in dealing with bad breath, and spirulina has a beneficial deodorizing effect.

Directions for Use: FOR ALL DOGS
Give 1 chew per 50 lbs daily.

Product Facts:  
Active Ingredients per 1 Chew (1.5g):
Spirulina                                                     100 mg
  yielding Chlorophyll                                          2 mg
Parsley                                                        70 mg
Champignon Mushroom Extract (Champex® brand)                   30 mg
Yucca Schidigera Extract                                       10 mg
Cinnamon Powder                                                10 mg
Inactive Ingredients: Brewers Yeast, Calcium Sulfate, Canola Oil, Chicken Liver Flavor, Citric  
Acid, Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Mixed Tocopherols, Propionic Acid, Rosemary Extract, Silicon
Dioxide, Sodium Alginate, Soy Lecithin, Vegetable Oil.