Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze 100mL

Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze 100mL

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成分:白horehound,棉花糖,松果菊,甘草,金印,穿心蓮。 方向: 貓:在3-5毫升水中稀釋推薦劑量。 狗:口服或添加到飼料中。 劑量: 貓:每天2-3滴x 小狗: 10公斤:1毫升x 2每日 20-30公斤:每天2毫升x 2 30至40公斤:每天3毫升x 2 60公斤:4毫升x 2每日 大小:100毫升

Natural Animal Solutions RespraEze is a pharmaceutical grade professional formulation to safely and easily assist pets with respiratory discomfort.

It is an effective, easy to administer natural formulation free from antibiotics.

RespraEze has been formulated with key active ingredients containing biodynamic, pure herbal extracts for maximum concentration and effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: White horehound, marshamallow, echinachea, licorice, golden seal, Andrographis.


Cats: Dilute recommended dosage in 3 - 5 ml of water.

Dogs: Administer orally or add to feed.


Cats: 2 - 3 drops x daily


10 kg: 1ml x 2 daily

20 - 30 kg: 2ml x 2 daily

30 - 40 kg: 3ml x 2 daily

60 kg: 4ml x 2 daily

SIZE: 100mL