Herbsmith Glimmer 皮膚和毛髮護理 60ct Small

Herbsmith Glimmer 皮膚和毛髮護理 60ct Small

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含豐富Omega脂肪酸,Glimmer有助於支持皮膚和毛髮的健康。 透過EPA、DHA、GLA和草藥混和,Glimmer能維持皮膚的正常水分含量,令寵物在季節性換毛期間維持正常或減少毛髮脫落。
Glimmer也可以在過敏季節時提供額外的支援,跟Herbsmith的Clear AllerQi和Milk Thistle一併使用,能有效維持的正常水分含量,讓有季節性敏感症狀的寵物得以舒緩。
黑芝麻籽 - 含豐富維生素E,屬於脂溶性抗氧化劑,保護細胞不受自由基傷害,維持體內氧化還原的平衡

火炭母 - 清熱解毒、涼血止癢
鯷魚油、磷蝦油、DHA Gold - EPA和DHA的優質蛋白質來源
玻璃苣油、月見草油 - 幫助身體產生自己的保護性油,滋養皮膚


Natural Source of Omega 3 for Dogs

Glimmer使你的狗隻皮膚和毛髮閃爍生光要有健康的皮膚和充滿光澤的毛髮, 你的狗隻必須要有足夠的膳食水平. Omega-3和Omega-6脂肪酸(EPA,DHA和GLA).是必需的Glimmer是專門開發,以及提供這些必要的元素去構建健康皮膚的基礎和亮麗柔軟的毛髮, 使所有年齡的狗狗均可供擁抱含豐富Omega脂肪酸,Glimmer有助於支持皮膚和毛髮的健康。 與EPA,DHA,GLA和草藥混和.Glimmer能維持皮膚的正常水分含量,對季節性換毛以致脫落, 可以幫助維持正常及減少毛髮脫落Glimmer也可以在過敏季節時提供額外的支持。 與Herbsmith Clear AllerQi和Herbsmith Milk Thistle一起使用,更有效支持皮膚健康,使在季節性過敏的寵物均能保持皮膚的正常水分含量

What's It Good For?

glimmer provides dogs with great protein-based omega 3 fatty acids
Providing Daily Omega 3 & 6
glimmer can help allergic dogs during allergy season
Combating Allergy Season
glimmer supports silky, shiny coats for dogs
Promoting Healthy Hair

glimmer can help manage seasonal shedding
Managing Seasonal Shedding
glimmer helps hydrate the skin of dogs, helpful for dogs with dry itchy skin
Hydrating Dry Skin

Rich in omega fatty acids, Glimmer is a great way to support skin and coat health in dogs. With EPA, DHA, and GLA, Glimmer maintains the skin’s normal moisture content and may help tame seasonal shedding. Using fish oils (sourced from krill and anchovy) this may also lend a helping hand to itchy, dry skin on dogs.  The perfect boost for dogs of all ages!

What's In It?

krill and anchovy oil: great sources of omega 3 fatty acids in our glimmer skin and coat supplement for dogs

Krill & Anchovy Oil

Krill & anchovy are super great protein-based sources of EPA and DHA. They are also very tiny fish, which makes them less likely to harbor high mercury levels. Unlike salmon oil (which is the most popular source of Omega 3 for dogs), anchovy and krill are at the bottom of the food chain, so they do not experience the effects of biomagnification quite like salmon do.

borage and evening primrose oil provide essential GLA for dogs skin and coat health

Borage & Evening Primrose Oil

These two oils supply a specific type of Omega 6 fatty acid that dogs are typically lacking: GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). These beneficial oils are awesome for hydrating the skin and helping the body produce its own protective oils that nourish skin.

black sesame seeds in our skin and coat supplement are great for supporting the body's production of protective oils

Black Sesame Seed

Black Sesame Seed has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to strengthen the skin and coat. It's another source of those oh-so-awesome Omega 3s.

polygonum is a herb that supports skin and coat health in dogs by nourishing the skin


Another ancient Chinese herb, polygonum has long been used to support healthy skin.


Active Ingredients: Black Sesame Seed (120mg), Polygonum (120mg), Anchovy Oil (90mg), DHA Gold (80mg), Borage Oil (15mg), Evening Primrose Oil (15mg), Krill Oil (8mg)

*per two chews

Inactive Ingredients: rice bran, rice flour, sunflower lecithin, oat groats, salmon meal, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice, natural grain dextrin, brewers yeast, sorbic acid

Directions for Use

Administer the recommended amount listed below daily.

<10 lbs — 1 chew
10-19 lbs — 2 chews
20-29 lbs — 3 chews
30-59 lbs — 4 chews