Herbsmith Comfort Aches 疼痛舒 75 g Powderdogs & cats

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(dogs & cats)
當歸 - 活血祛風
三七、乳香、沒藥、紅花及牛膝 - 活血化瘀,對筋骨特別有修護作用

Comfort Aches

For Dogs & Cats with Aches & Discomfort


Comfort Aches - 從傳統中醫角度,任何正常,運動或鍛煉可導致急性血瘀或血液停滯不前.
造成日常活動困難.Comfort Aches 這種獨特組合了溫和的草藥加強協調性,
Comfort Aches - 是一個所有的狗的家庭必須有的. 隨身攜帶一瓶速效配方的幫手,
可用於短期或日常使用.成份主以當歸 - 活血祛風.聖奇,茹祥,沒藥,
紅花及牛膝 - 活血化瘀,對筋骨特別有修護的作用.

What's It Good For?

Overdoing It At The Dog Park
Reducing Inflammation
Quick-Acting Pain Relief

Stiff Or Achy Joints
Elderly Or Aging Dogs

Comfort Aches maintains a healthy musculoskeletal system, even in the roughest of play. This unique combination of herbs has gentle and harmonizing properties, making Comfort Aches the ideal natural alternative.

Comfort Aches may help to relieve inflammation associated with normal daily exercise and activity, training, and competition by supporting the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues.

Comfort Aches is a must for any dog household – keep a bottle of this quick-acting formula on hand for occasional, short-term, or long-term use! Use with Soothe Joints and/or Sound Dog Viscosity for the ultimate joint support regimen.

What's In It?

Comfort Aches helps to maintain a normal inflammatory response and is great for dogs and cats experiencing occasional aches, discomfort, stiffness, or soreness. Comfort Aches contains an optimum blend of herbs to enhance the body’s normal repair of connective tissues and joints.


Invigorates blood, promotes movement of Qi, addresses discomfort.

Notoginseng Root

Stops bleeding, transforms blood stasis, and addresses discomfort from traumatic injuries.


Invigorates blood, dispels blood stasis, supports healing, and addresses discomfort.


Dispels blood stasis, addresses discomfort and invigorates blood.

Angelica Tang Kuei

Invigorates, tonifies and harmonizes the blood, and addresses discomfort.


Invigorates blood, expels blood stasis, strengthens tendons and bones, benefits the joints and tonifies and nourishes the liver and kidneys.


Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend of (notoginseng root, angelica tang kuei, frankincense, myrrh, carthamus flower, achyranthes root)

Additional Ingredients (in Tablets Only):

Inactive: hydroxypropyl cellulose, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, magnesium stearate

Directions for Use

Administer the recommended dose twice daily.
Intended species: Dogs & Cats

5-10 lbs: ⅛ tsp twice a day
11-15 lbs: ¼ tsp twice a day
16-30 lbs: ½ tsp twice a day
31-80 lbs: 1 tsp twice a day
81-120 lbs: 1 ½ tsp twice a day 
>120 lbs: 2 tsp twice a day

Not recommended for use in dogs weighing less than 5 lbs.

¼ tsp twice a day

5-10 lbs: ¼ tablet twice a day
11-15 lbs: ½ tablet twice a day
16-30 lbs: 1 tablet twice a day
31-80 lbs: 2 tablets twice a day
81-120 lbs: 3 tablets twice a day
>120 lbs: 4 tablets twice a day

Not recommended for use in dogs weighing less than 5 lbs.

½ tablet twice a day

Not for use in pregnant animals. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery/anesthesia. Overdose may cause kidney irritation.