Herbsmith Athlete 體格提升 75g Powder(dogs & cats}

Herbsmith Athlete 體格提升 75g Powder(dogs & cats}

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(dogs & cats)
熟地黃、當歸頭 - 滋陰補血、調和陰陽水平
山藥、杜仲及甘草 - 有益脾臟腎臟、可增強血液移動性、緩和傷勢惡化的作用
牛膝 - 支持骨骼、肌肉及關節


Support for the Athletic & Working Dogs


Athlete - 不是單單提供短暫的營養,而是用草本的組合而達致提供高運動量寵物體格.
過多火元素可以燃燒掉體內的陰,液體,導致陰陽失調.Athlete 以滋陰補血,調和陰陽水平為主,
Athlete 通過控制身體體液流動,帶給寵物最高峰表現,使一般寵物營養水平增強似運動員一樣.

成份:以蜀地黃,當歸頭 - 滋陰補血,和調和陰陽水平.薯蕷,杜仲及甘草 - 有益脾臟腎臟,
可增強血移動性,緩和傷勢惡化的作用.牛膝 - 支持骨頭,肌肉及關節

What's It Good For?

Peak Condition
Enhancing Exercise Tolerance
Boosting Attention / Performance

Maintining Fluids
Balancing High- Energy Dogs

Like any athlete, time and stress take a toll on the body of a competitive, active dog. The depletion of a dog’s natural level of fluids may lead to fatigue, lethargy, and decreased performance.  Athlete helps to maintain proper body composition by supporting stamina, endurance, oxygen utilization, and normal recovery time after strenuous activity. By making the body as balanced as possible, Athlete allows the canine athlete to attain peak performance.

What's In It?

Athlete is a combination of herbs used to balance the high-energy, athletic dog. Rather than providing a short-lived boost of enthusiasm, Athlete functions by maintaining the fluids of the body, enhancing exercise tolerance, and allowing the dog to attain peak performance.

Angelica Tang Kuei

Tonifies and invigorates blood.


Tonifies the spleen and kidneys.

Honey-Fried Licorice Root

Tonifies the spleen and Qi.


Tonifies the liver and kidneys.

Achyranthes Root

Supports the bones, tendons, and joints.

Eucommia Bark

Tonifies the liver and kidneys.

Cooked Rehmannia Root

Nourishes yin and blood.


Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend of (cooked rehmannia root, angelica tang kuei, dioscorea, eucommia bark, achyranthes root, honey-fried licorice root, cornus)

Directions for Use

Sprinkle the recommended amount over food

For first time use, gradually introduce to your pet’s diet

<15 lbs: ¼ tsp twice a day
15-30 lbs: ½ tsp twice a day
31-80 lbs: 1 tsp twice a day
81-120 lbs: 1 ½ tsp twice a day
>120 lbs: 2 tsp twice a day

¼ tsp. twice a day

Not to be used in pregnant animals. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery or anesthesia. Not for use during diarrhea.