Imperial Cat 天然貓草盆栽 (28g)

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Snack 'n Treat 零食 我們精選的全天然零食可呵護您的小貓咪的味蕾。沒有防腐劑,填充劑,添加劑或副產品-只是純淨,美味的味道,可帶來幸福,健康的貓科動物。我們的款待使您輕鬆享受貓的美好生活! 自然美味並獲得貓批准 您的顧客希望寵物得到健康的零食,沒有什麼比我們全天然的Snack'n Treats系列更健康的了。我們的Easy Grow Greens有機燕麥套裝和種子以及經過認證的有機Catnip在美國種植和包裝!健康,低熱量,美味的貓隨時隨地都可以享用。明亮的圖形和教育性包裝有助於Snack'n Treats迅速上架!Imperial Cat 零食 有機認證。

Pamper your kitty's taste buds with our selection of all-natural treats. No preservatives, fillers, additives, or by-products–just pure, delicious flavor for a happy, healthy feline. Our treats make it easy to give cats a taste of the good life!

Naturally Delicious & Cat-Approved

Your customers want healthy treats for their pets, and nothing could be healthier than our all-natural Snack 'n Treats line. Our Easy Grow Greens Organic Oat Kits and Seeds and Certified Organic Catnip are grown and packaged in USA! A healthy, low-calorie, delicious, anytime treats for cats. Bright graphics and educational packaging help Snack 'n Treats fly off the shelves!

Imperial Cat Organic Oat glass Easy Glow Oat Kit - Sprouts in 2-3 days are a Product of the USA