T.N.A. was born in Taiwan, November 2008.

Throughout these years, we have never forgotten why we started. To keep your pets wagging and purring, as well as support their full-body wellness, we use only fresh, selected local ingredients to formulate healthy and delicious diets.


T.N.A. stands for Trap Neuter Adopt.

Designed to promote animal adoption over wild release, we started the T.N.A project in hope of improving adoption rates, resolving problems caused by the increase of stray animals, and giving them better care.


T.N.A.分別為 Trap、Neuter及Adopt的英文縮寫,意思是捕捉,絕育,領養

T.N.A.系列由悠遊國際實業有限公司研發,100% M.I.T. 台灣在地生產。




 T.N.A. 4 Guarantees 4大保證 :
▶ Freshness in the taste 天然食材、嗜口性佳,寵物最愛
▶ Balanced nutrition provided, No chemical preservatives added 專業調配,營養均衡,無添加防腐劑
▶ Strictly follow the standard of human food inspection 符合 ISO 22000 / HACCP 合格工廠製造

▶ 100% made in Taiwan 台灣在地生產