SNACKIES -  High quality snacks for dogs

100% 德國原裝進口、大包又經濟的小食

Snackies 由德國原裝進口,品質控制通過歐洲IFS(International Food Safety)標準,可放心食用。其使用單一動物蛋白,含肉量高達90%以上,無穀物、麩質、色素及防腐劑,減少敏感。Snackies共有12款口味,6種肉類,包括低敏低脂嘅馬肉、兔肉、鴨肉,冶味嘅羊肉、牛肉,含豐蛋白質嘅雞肉,總會有合主子口味的。

Quality is the symbol of our competence. We use the highest quality raw materials to set completely new standards in the production of our snackies. 

We are premium. We are natural. We want the best for your animal. 

We place the highest demands on our products and ensure satisfied and happy mistresses, owners and animals. We see the dog as a full family member and are aware of our responsibility. We therefore offer a wide variety of products that are tailored to the individual nutritional needs of the animals. Our snack items are prepared gently and free of artificial flavor enhancers, color, aroma and preservatives and with the addition of first-class raw materials and ingredients. With our experience and know-how, we meet the highest quality and hygiene standards, because only the use of high-quality raw materials ultimately results in a product of this top quality. We ensure this with the careful selection of our cooperation companies, the use of excellent raw materials, the constant monitoring of the production process and a strict final inspection of the finished article by certified test laboratories. This makes SNACKIES® a special daily treat for your animal.