Pet Naturals 保健小食

1972年,Guido和Maria Orlandi創立了母公司FoodScience®Corporation,致力於發現人類和動物健康的替代解決方案。我們的旗艦產品N,N-二甲基甘氨酸(DMG)主導了市場。 2005年,PetNaturals®作為FoodScience®Corporation的一個部門成立,以吸引更多的寵物父母和動物朋友。自成立以來,PetNaturals®通過為寵物帶來全新的健康元素,為寵物健康行業的創新者帶頭。 今天,在2020年,高水平的創新和循證科學繼續構成我們產品開發流程的基礎。研發團隊成員與我們的科學審查委員會緊密合作,以確保這些價值觀引領我們精心設計每一個公式。

In 1972 Guido and Maria Orlandi founded our parent company FoodScience® Corporation on a passion for discovering alternative solutions for human and animal health. Our flagship product, N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG), led the charge.

In 2005, Pet Naturals® was established as a division of FoodScience® Corporation in order to reach more pet parents and animal friends. Since its establishment, Pet Naturals® has led the way as an innovator in the pet health industry by bringing tasty rewards a whole new healthy element.

Today, in 2016, a high level of innovation and evidence-based science continue to form the foundation of our product development process. Research and Development team members work closely with our Scientific Review Boards to help ensure these values lead the careful creation of every one of our formulas.