Oven-Baked Tradition

Oven-Baked 傳統為您的狗提供最好的食物!Oven-Baked 傳統狗糧採用精選農場的天然食材製成。 選擇適合您狗的生活方式和品種的食物類型:幼犬,成年犬或高級犬;小品種,所有品種或大品種。每種食物都是經過特殊配製的,以鼓勵您的狗一生中保持最佳的生長發育,無論其生活方式如何。我們特別注意每種狗糧配方中礦物質和維生素的平衡,以幫助保持狗從腸道,牙齒,神經系統和大腦各個方面的健康。 我們緩慢的烘烤過程不僅能展現出配料的風味,同時還能保持必需營養素和蛋白質的完整性。Oven-Baked 傳統狗糧不含人工香料,抗生素或防腐劑。我們的狗糧不含最常見的過敏原,例如小麥,玉米或大豆,而含有自製的全穀類食品,例如黑麥,大麥,燕麥和大米。我們的無穀物狗糧在降低卡路里的飲食中具有較低的血糖指數,而我們的罐頭狗糧(例如燉菜或肉醬)則以新鮮的火雞,雞肉或鴨肉為主要成分製成。最後,對於充滿能量的狗,我們的狗零食卡路里含量低且味濃!

Oven-Baked Tradition offers you the best food for your dog! Oven-Baked Tradition dog food is made with natural ingredients from selected farms.


Choose the type of food that fits your dog’s lifestyle and breed: puppy, adult or senior dog; small breed, all breeds or large breed. Each type of food is specially formulated to encourage your dog’s optimal growth and development throughout its life, no matter its lifestyle. Special attention is given to the balance of minerals and vitamins in each of our dog food recipes, in order to help maintain your dog’s health good on all aspects, from its intestines, to its teeth, nervous system, and brain.

Our slow baking process brings out the ingredients’ flavours while also preserving the integrity of essential nutrients and proteins. Oven-Baked Tradition dog food does not contain artificial flavourings, antibiotics, or preservatives. Our dog food is free of the most common allergens such as wheat, corn, or soy, and rather contains home-milled whole grains such as rye, barley, oats, and rice. Our grain-free dog food offers a lower glycemic index for calorie-reduced diets, while our canned dog food, such as our stews or pâtés, is made with fresh turkey, chicken or duck as a first ingredient. Lastly, our dog treats are low in calories and rich in flavour for a dog that’s bursting with energy!