Imperial Cat in USA

關於我們的產品... 自1986年以來,Imperial Cat就製造了質量卓越的環保和全天然貓產品。我們致力於創造安全,有趣和實用的產品,以改善貓和愛貓的人們的生活。從抓撓,玩耍到零食和修飾,沒有人比Imperial Cat提供更多的方式來促進貓科動物快樂,積極的生活方式。 關於我們... 作為一家家族企業,我們保持著客戶服務和產品質量水平,這是我們競爭對手無法比擬的。我們的業務取決於客戶的滿意度,這就是我們致力於確保您對我們的產品100%滿意的原因。 在帝貓,貓是我們家庭的一部分。除了我們的勤奮工作的員工之外,我們還“僱用”了一組辦公室貓,它們嚴格地測試了我們的產品,以確保它們獲得貓批准!

About our products...

Since 1986, Imperial Cat has manufactured eco-friendly and all-natural cat products of exceptional quality. We are dedicated to creating safe, fun and functional products that enhance the lives of cats and the people that love them. From scratching and playing, to snacking and grooming, nobody offers more ways to promote the happy, active lifestyle of a feline than Imperial Cat.

About us...

As a family-owned and operated company, we retain a level of customer service and product quality that remains unmatched by our competitors. Our business depends on customer satisfaction, which is why we are committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our products.

At Imperial Cat, cats are part of our family. In addition to our hard-working human staff, we "employ" a team of office cats that rigorously test our products to ensure they are cat-approved!