Divine Pets


Divine Pets是澳大利亞Divine Cosmetics的子公司,專門從事開發和生產高質量的天然寵物美容產品和化妝品。我們在悉尼擁有出色的研究,包裝和運輸設施,這使我們能夠為客戶提供卓越水平的服務和交付。 Divine Cosmetics最近剛剛宣佈在總理的新南威爾士州出口獎中入圍。如今,在全國范圍內已達到第48年,總理的新南威爾士州出口獎已被商業界認可為澳大利亞最負盛名的商業獎之一。 Divine Cosmetics在生產高品質澳大利亞寵物美容產品方面享有盛譽。我們的產品包含澳大利亞天然精油,產品遠銷世界各地,其中包括:茶樹洗髮水和護髮素,無水洗髮水,美容噴霧,漱口水,古龍水除臭劑,印em香茅噴霧和爪子噴霧。 以上所有產品均在澳大利亞製造,並包含澳大利亞天然精油,包括茶樹油和桉樹油。 Divine Cosmetics產品的配方是澳大利亞化學家和茶樹油專家Lyall Williams博士研發的結果。憑藉Williams博士的專業知識,Divine Cosmetics能夠提供一系列出色的寵物美容產品,無論是在質量還是性能上都非常出色。 Divine Cosmetics一直對尋找Divine Pets產品系列的新分銷商感興趣,並歡迎有機會與有興趣與我們公司建立合作夥伴關係的企業代表會面。

Divine Pets is a division of Divine Cosmetics, an Australian company, specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality, natural pet grooming products and cosmetics. We have excellent research, packaging and shipping facilities in Sydney that enable us to provide an exceptional level of service and delivery to our customers.

Divine Cosmetics has just recently been announced as a Finalist in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards. Now in its 48th year nationally, the Premier’s NSW Export Awards are acknowledged by the business community as one of Australia’s most prestigious business awards.

Divine Cosmetics has a reputation for the manufacture of high quality, Australian pet grooming products.  Our products, containing natural Australian essential oils, are exported worldwide, including; Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, Waterless Shampoo, Grooming Spray, Mouthwash, Deodorant Cologne, Neem Citronella Spray and Paws Spray.

All of the above products are manufactured in Australia, and contain Australian natural essential oils, including Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil. The formulation of each Divine Cosmetics product is the outcome of research and development by Australian chemist and tea tree oil specialist, Dr Lyall Williams. As a result of Dr Williams’ expertise Divine Cosmetics is able to offer a range of outstanding pet grooming products, exceptional in both quality and performance.

Divine Cosmetics is always interested in finding new distributors for our Divine Pets range of products and would welcome the opportunity to meet with representatives from businesses that are interested in forming a partnership with our company.